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Lynus and Glory Fades!

Our friends Glory Fades are headlining their first show at Wolves' Slade Rooms on 23rd September and have kindly asked us to join the bill. We said "Hell YES!"

This is awesome all round. For a start, we LOVE those guys, having gigged a couple of times recently, we've bonded over bands we like and just had a great laugh backstage. Their new EP sounds great, plus they had already heard us and dug the Lynus vibe. The Slade Rooms is always great to play, and plus its a Saturday night and we are expecting a very busy room. There are 3 other great bands playing, FEAR WITHOUT REASON, BAD LLAMA and BROTHERS OF THE MOMENT, so its going to be HUGE. And all this for just £6! Alo, special mention to Hilary at Ovation Music Management, who has put together this shindig- She always puts on a top night- we know!

PLUS PLUS! Its Woody's birthday weekend. Its a big one too, so we're hoping to see plenty of close friends and family for this one. If you want a ticket, just holla! Facebook message or text us etc.

Lets recap:

• Glory Fades are ace, so are Lynus

• Its a Saturday and it's Woody's birthday

• 5 bands for £6

You don't want to miss this one

Cheers, see you there, J


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